Selenite Incense Holder | Charging Plate

Selenite Incense Holder | Charging Plate


SELENITE INCENSE HOLDER | CHARGING PLATE: Hand carved from Moroccan Selenite. Its soft and smooth with a small drilled hole to place the incense stick in. Its primary use is indeed as an incense holder but its secondary intention is to be used as a charging plate for clearing and cleansing the energy of your crystals. Win Win!

Selenite crystal has the ability to clear blockages and allow energy to flow freely. It can help one reach higher planes of consciousness and connect your chakras. It has also been noted to calm and purify spaces as well as help to bring on a more deep and peaceful sleep. Who doesn’t need that! The Selenite crystal incense holder has been bathed in Himalayan Sea Salt and charged in the California sunshine for good vibes.

  • Authentic Hand Carved Moroccan Selenite

  • Aprox 8” L x 2” W. These are hand carved crystals and can vary slightly in color and size.

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COMMON SENSE WARNING: Striated lines and fissures are normal in Selenite. Selenite is also a more delicate crystal formation and can splint so handle it gently. Keep small objects, things with angles and points etc away from animals and children. Never leave anything lit on fire unattended.