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15 Candles That'll Basically Solve All Your Life Problems

It's time to perfect your candle strategy IF YOU NEED SOME POSITIVITY


February 12, 2019 PHOTO 9/16 

Try: Tiny Bandit Crystal Candle, $64

It's not just the scent itself that makes a difference (there's five of them to choose from!) — it's about what's tucked inside the candle wax. Each candle comes with crystals that have been cleansed with pure Himalayan sea salt and charged in the California sun. Yep, we aren't kidding! There are different crystals to choose from to meet your needs, though all the candles come with a clear quartz crystal to ward off negative energy and increase energy levels.


The kai life

Venice Life + Crystal Brand Creating | An Interview With Tiny Bandit's Creator Heather Beaudoin

March 26, 2019

Interview by Jenny White at The Kai Life

Bohemian isn't a trend for Heather Beaudoin, it’s been her way of life since the jump.  After almost ten years of experience under her belt designing for others, one inspirational day Heather had a lucid vision of what her own collection would look like...and Tiny Bandit was born.  The brand was created to shine light on the paths and inspire wellness life rituals of the humans who are immersed in it.

We are fans of Tiny Bandit for its pure and lovely ingredients, the strong vibes their products provide and the good it implements into the community.  We're talking Tiny Bandit, fun, creation without trend influence and crystal introduction with Heather today. 



- Heather Beaudoin

Have you checked out Tiny Bandit yet? 

We just gushed on one of our favorite creations, their gorgeous Moon Milk Candle earlier this month

KL : Tell us a few favorite things about yourself that we might not know. 

Heather : I have a great sense of both intuition and humor and I don't take myself too seriously, I'm also totally obsessed with textiles like rugs, linens, blankets, pillows, etc.  At some point that is definitely a category I'm layering into my brand.

(yesssss, that we are looking forward to!)

KL : You say that "Growing up, you were immersed in a culture that was all about crystals, creativity, and spirituality. Bohemian wasn't a trend, it's been your way of life since the jump."  This sounds RAD, will you expand a little about what it was like to grow up on such a spiritual, creative and intuitive level? 

Heather : It was great!  I grew up living with my mom in Venice Beach 'till about 14 when I moved to Oregon for school.  She was always playing music and dancing, painting, reading my tarot cards and encouraging me to be artistic.  She's a true Bohemian artisan so I'm sure I absorbed a lot of my creativity from her.

KL : After 10 years of creating for other brands, you were inspired to create Tiny Bandit.  There's so much time behind this brand - it translates in how thoughtful, solid and beautiful your brand is.  What was it that finally inspired you to create your own brand?  What was important to you to share with the world when you decided to make the jump?

Heather : Thank you!  Well when you do it for a living for other brands for so many years, you become an expert and notice what you do and do not want.  I love crystals and wanted to present them in a modern way.  No disrespect to people that love patchouli and tie die but that is definitely not my jam.  I wanted to create something with crystals that was minimal, chic and luxe. 

The development of my collection came so easily to me.  I didn't look around at what anyone else was doing, I just made what spoke to me and felt right.  I never googled crystal candles or looked up hashtags.  I wanted to create something straight from the heart and I did.  If what I made was out there to some capacity then it was happenstance.  In an age where everyone is copying at lightning speed or designing off Pinterest - I feel really proud of what I've created on my own.

KL : Why the name Tiny Bandit (love it!)?

Heather : I get asked that a lot.  To be honest I don't really know!  Partial influence was from my friend Leilani.  She had a blog called Four Eyed Bandit (because she wears glasses I'm assuming) and I loved the word 'bandit'.  I just riffed off that.  I thought it sounded like fun.  I like fun.

KL : You use a 100% non-GMO sustainable Coconut Wax blend, natural and perfume grade fragrance oils in your candles ... tell us about the importance of high quality ingredients to you.  

Heather :  Our current world is highly concerned and educated on what is clean and good for you now.  I used to work with soy exclusively but our hybrid of the coconut and soy blend wax is next level.  It burns so clean and smooth.

For my scents, I don't work with just essential oils because the industry is so saturated with essential oil candles and to be honest they all smell like variants of the same scents.  I personally find it boring so I use a mix of natural and perfume oils to retain unique fragrance profiles.

KL : You are an artist and creator living in Venice Beach....what's a typical day like for you?!

Heather : It's not that sexy sadly!  I'm balancing my 'day job' doing custom candles for other brands and running my own brand too.  I have a strong work ethic and love what I do for a living so let's just say I work a lot!  Thankfully I live with my boyfriend or else he'd never see me!

KL : You have very specific collections and scents...Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Heather : Everything I do, I do for myself first and foremost.  If I don't like it, it doesn't happen.  The wellness movement has been incredibly inspiring for me.  There is a 6th scent that has been pending since the launch of this line.  I already have the name, the color palette crystals, etc but I've been tweaking it over and over and doing burn testing for months.  It's still not for now, we're still just the 5 scents.  One thing I struggle with is that every scent I do has to be something that you can burn, spray and wear.  Sometimes a scent doesn't translate into all three categories but we're getting closer!


- Heather Beaudoin

KL :  Do you have a favorite crystal?

Heather : Yes!  Celestite.  Its Latin name means heavenly or celestial.  I love the color and find it soothing.  I also love blue kyanite and lapis for amplifying intuition and compassion.  I'm definitely down with rose quartz for encouraging love and opening your heart chakra.  Lastly, a pale smokey quartz purely for aesthetics.

KL : Anything you'd love to share to humans who are kicking off their journey with crystals?

Heather : Let the experience be instinctual and try to be open to a crystals' vibrations.  As hippie as it sounds, a crystal should call to you.  It's like dating, initially you'll be drawn to some of them for looks but after awhile you'll find the winner.

KL : What's currently your favorite product from your line?

Heather : The crystal ritual oils - I'm obsessed.  I have three in my purse at all times.

KL : Your collection is "proudly small-batch poured by Light 4 Life Cause which provides employment and empowerment for mentally and physically challenged adults local in Los Angeles." - so incredible.  Can you tell us more about this?

Heather : It's such a great program!  It provides an opportunity for challenged adults to earn a living and viable skill set in a safe clean and happy environment.  They also have an art program where they can create and sell their art on site.  I want to support creativity whenever possible, I guess I get that from my mama.

Be sure to check out Heather Beaudoin's Tiny Bandit.