Let's get naked!

Branding. Its such a funny thing. We secretly hate logo stuff with brand names splattered all over it. But of course not ours! WELL …we shouldn’t really tell you this but we designed our clear product labels to be such a high premium quality that you can easily remove them without any residue or markings remaining on the glass. Providing you the option to enjoy the beauty of the crystals and not our branding. Hopefully you leave them on, but we get it. We’re minimal too.

For those of you are want a different kind of naked (still not the naked you’re thinking of ;)) we also created our Naked Candle Collection that’s all your favorite scents but in an 8 oz size without the crystals or label branding. Same scents but just a lower price point. We understand that the Crystal Candles are not cheap but a lot of love and time goes into hand finishing each one for perfect beauty and balance aesthetically. Each is a small work of art striving for quality grade gem stones with consistent color, size and placement. Each candle requires us to reheat the plain poured candles at a very specific temperature and time the crystal placement so it doesn’t sink deep into the wax. Wrong temperature or wrong timing = a fail and we have to fish out the crystals, cleanse them all again so they are sparkly and fresh then start the process all over. Can be a pain in the butt to be honest but we mainly get it right at this stage of the game and are happy as clams creating these little beauties for you guys! But back to branding, the goal isn’t only to make goods that promote positive vibrational healing and gorgeous visual stimulation but moreover to join in the movement of making and owning fewer more quality goods. The makers movement, the clean beauty progression, the anti fast fashion, the organic farm to table slow food movement etc….you know what we’re sayin. Anyway last thought here’s a PRO TIP you’ll appreciate >> after your original Crystal Candles are all burned out buy a Naked Candle and put the crystals from your Crystal Candle back on top of the less expensive candles for round two. I know, and yes you’re welcome.



Heather Beaudoin