Palo Santo Ritual Bundle

Palo Santo Ritual Bundle


PALO SANTO RITUAL BUNDLES: Used for clearing energy, purifying spaces, blessings and circle ceremonies. Place on a temperature safe surface and light. To use movement to cleanse your space you may also carefully light the Palo Santo stick in one hand until it begins smoking. With your other hand use a feather to fan the smoke in a clockwise movement around the person or space you are focused on.

  • 6pc Authentic Peruvian Palo Santo sticks aprox 3” long

  • Natural cotton wicking in hand dyed Indigo

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COMMON SENSE WARNING: Keep small objects, things with angles and points, and all things lit on fire away from children, pets and anything flammable. If you are allergic to smoke or Palo Santo - do not use this product. Thanks, bye.